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The Crown Jewels cherry program extends throughout California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. Cherries are unique for their anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to high concentrations of anthocyanin antioxidants (try saying that three times fast!) Crown Jewels offers only the sweetest varieties of cherries, including deep burgundy Bings, blood-red Brooks, rich mahogany Tulares, bright magenta Corals, and vivid scarlet Rainiers.


To place an order, please contact a Crown Jewels Produce account manager.


By Phone

Fresno: (559) 438-2335

Nogales: (520) 281-2325





By Email


  • Growing regions

    • Lodi, CA
    • Stockton, CA
  • Availability

    • April - June
  • Varieties

    • Bing
    • Brooks
    • Tulares
    • Corals
    • Rainiers
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