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As some of California’s “Precious Gems”, Crown Jewels strawberries are well-renowned for their high quality, deep color, and oh-so-sweet taste. Cooled by misty coastal air, our strawberries are picked when they’re just right. Only the most perfect berries make it into a Crown Jewels box.


To place an order, please contact a Crown Jewels Produce account manager.


By Phone

Fresno: (559) 438-2335

Nogales: (520) 281-2325





By Email


  • Growing regions

    • Oxnard, CA
    • Santa Maria, CA
    • Watsonville, CA
  • Availability

    • February – October
  • Varieties

    • University Varieties
  • Shipping locations

    Aslan Cooling

    Reedley, CA 93654

    (559) 638-8818

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