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As a family business, we understand the importance of sustaining a prosperous and healthy environment for future generations; and that is the reason we have dedicated ourselves to achieving as much as possible with the fewest resources as possible. The health of the planet is essential to providing our customers with the highest quality fruits and vegetables. That's why we've partnered with our suppliers and associates to leave an environmentally friendly footprint so we can leave a better world for future generations to enjoy.

Waste reduction

Reducing our waste begins with the amount of packaging used in the marketing and selling of our products. That's why we're committed to the latest packaging innovations used in the transport of products from the fields, to the facilities, and ultimately onto you the consumer by using boxes and containers that are 100% reusable & recyclable. These packaging innovations are not only good for the environment but for our customers as well. We've also taken steps to reduce our paper usage in all offices by implementing digital solutions that allow our workers to share documents and communicate more efficiently via dedicated servers.

Energy efficiency 

We strive to maintain an Eco-friendly operation and we're dedicated to pursuing solutions that help make our facilities run as efficiently as possible. Our latest program included an extensive overhaul in our facilities by going through and replacing our less energy-efficient light bulbs with the modern higher efficient LED bulbs maximizing efficiency and reducing our kilowatt usage. 

Resource Conservation 

We proudly operate out of California and a majority of our growers are located in the Central Valley where water supply is a major concern. Because of this, we have become vigilant in our conservation of resources to make sure our growers' land remains fertile and productive. We've implemented multiple conservation programs in our facilities that are dedicated to helping lower our footprint and protecting our natural resources.

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