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Committed to excellence

High quality is important to us, but food safety is of paramount importance. We aggressively ensure food safety, sustainability, and freshness for every product we sell by placing innovation at the forefront of our business. We seek and utilize the cutting-edge technologies available to us for this purpose. It is how we maintain our original vision and are able to consistently exceed the industry’s highest standards in safety, flavor, appearance, and quality.

Meeting higher standards

We choose only exceptional growers who can meet our high standards for quality and food safety, and who can provide the freshest produce from their farm to your table. All are family businesses. Our growers reside as near as California, Arizona, and Mexico, and as far away as Central and South America. This diversity of geographical locations assures that our customers can obtain year-round, high-quality produce.

Loyalty above all else

Our loyal retail, wholesale, and foodservice customers come from across the United States and around the world and demand uncompromising quality and standards. They know and appreciate our commodities and commitment to consistency, and we rely on our customers to quickly deliver our high-quality products to the consumer. We are proud to work with the best in the industry.

Reaching for perfection

It is our consumers who drive our ongoing reach for perfection. Without our discriminating consumers, the other family members serve no purpose. How do we meet the ultimate goal of delivering the highest-quality products to its final destination, the consumer? By embracing the highest industry standards, combining the expertise of all involved along the process, and efficiently coordinating efforts with our growers and customers. Our passion is to exceed the consumer’s expectations.

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