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Leafy Greens

Lettuce is one of the most recognizable veggies that is a great healthy choice to chomp on as they are low in calories and naturally fat-free. Lettuce is most often used for salads, although it is also seen in other kinds of food, such as soups, sandwiches, and wraps; it can also be grilled.


Cabbage comes in a few different varieties such as green, red, or white and is known for its high amount of some of the most powerful phytonutrients which help battle bad cholesterol.


To place an order, please contact a Crown Jewels Produce account manager.


By Phone

Fresno: (559) 438-2335

Nogales: (520) 281-2325





By Email

Leafy Greens

  • Growing regions

    • Imperial Valley, CA
  • Availability

    • December - March
  • Varieties

    • Lettuce
    • Cabbage (Green & Red)
  • Shipping locations

    Highline Cooling

    Holtville, CA 92250

    (760) 356-5189

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